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Christoph Pfisterer resigns from the fink project.
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Christoph Pfisterer resigns from the fink project.

Bad news:

From /.

"Fink Maintainer Steps Down Due To GPL Infringment"

"DShadow noted that the Fink maintainer Christoph Pfisterer has resigned
largely because of GPL violations by openosx and macgimp, as well as There's definitely some tension between the mac world and
the Open Source and GPL worlds. Certain amounts of culture clash are
inevitable, but hopefully great projects like this will continue, and
commercial vendors will be able to play nice without alienating developers.
The good news for Macheads is that fink will continue just fine"

And his soon to be /.'ed letter:

"I'm tired.

I'm tired of wasting my time working on Fink. I'm tired of dealing
with people who don't appreciate what they get for free. I'm tired of
dealing with people who think they have a commercial-grade, 24/7, one
hour turn-around time support contract with Fink. I'm tired of people
that start bitching when they're told that's not the case. I'm tired
of people who complain loudly when something doesn't work, but fall
silent when asked to help in fixing it. I'm tired of defending
everything I say and do. I'm tired of people who prefer to ask
questions on the list instead of reading even basic documentation.
I'm tired of dealing with people that make money of other people's
work, but refuse to acknowledge it. I'm tired of MacGIMP, OpenOSX, and Tenon not only because they are untrue with what they
do, but because they are untrue with what they say, because they make
promises they cannot or don't want to keep, because they try to
change history to cover their tracks. I'm tired of working on Fink
all day long, only interrupted by meals, lectures, and the occasional
recreational activities luckily forced on me by my friends. I'm tired
of putting my professional future at risk by neglecting my studies.
I'm tired of trying to suit everybody, only to be flamed by other
people instead. I'm tired of people who report a problem and expect
me to have a magic crystal ball that tells me what configuration they
have and what they tried to do. I'm tired of people who never get
back to me or get angry when asked to provide these details. I'm
tired of a "community" that wants everything served on a silver
tablet, in release quality, and most of all _now_, but is too lazy to
provide even the simplest positive testing feedback.

In short, I'm tired of spending my time working for other people, for
people who take everything for granted and don't give a second
thought to contributing back to the project. So I'm gonna stop right
here. Why? Well, the question I asked myself was more like "Why
not?", and I couldn't come up with a good answer. I once thought
sharing my knowledge, experience and time with the community was a
good thing, but now I know better.

Good Bye,

P.S.: Some reference material:
[The fink-users and fink-devel mailing list archives]

chrisp a.k.a. Christoph Pfisterer   "Any sufficiently advanced
<EMAIL: PROTECTED> -      bug is indistinguishable
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This is a huge blow to the MacOS X community....

Having others steal your work sucks (I know personally).

-Christopher Howard


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