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Entourage 2004 error 16008
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Entourage 2004 error 16008

Maybe someone can give me a clue in this:

Running netbooted macs (10.3.4), with "network-home-foldered" users,
Entourage 2004 (installed on the netboot image) opens and runs OK for a
while. Then, it gives an error code 16008 an keeps looping at it.

Looking for it on the internet, Google returns very few entries. Some
suggest running Word or Excel (or both) BEFORE running Entourage. Others
suggest preventing Microsoft Database Daemon from launching as a startup
item, but running it yourself by double clicking it. I've tried both
suggestion with no result.

But the interesting fact is:

It occurs in Powermacs Digital Audio 466GHz, but not in PowerMacs MDD Dual
The same netboot image, with the same network user, generates the error in
the former machines but not in the latter. (I've tested in two PM 466 and in
two PM 1.42 to make sure it was not a machine issue, but a model issue) The
subnet is also the same, so I think it is not a router/switch issue. Also,
all machines have 512MB of RAM, so it's not a "not enough memory" issue.

All in all, I suspect it may be a network adapter configuration problem,
since they are running in automatic mode. Maybe it's configuring itself
differently in PMs 1.42, since they have a Gigabit Ethernet card, instead of
the 10/100Mb Ethernet card of the PMs 466.

Any insight? If I'm right, I could change the network adapters configuration
manually, but what would be the ideal settings?

I'd be glad to receive any help!

Andre Moura
Tech. Support
Audio & Video
Ass. Torre de Vigia
Sao Paulo - Brazil
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