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Re: Determining if the X11 server is running
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Re: Determining if the X11 server is running

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul J Lucas <email@hidden> writes:

>> You asked one question when most people who use X know that's not the right
>> question to answer.

Paul> 	Please don't second-guess my questions.  If I wanted a different
Paul> 	question answered, I would have asked a different question.

Uh, no.  As a frequent question answerer, I tend to think as much
about the context of the question I'm answering, as the answer I'm
writing, just in case there's something missing.  And I'm free to
question the context as much as I am free to answer the original

If you had not wanted to be second-guessed, you would have stated more
about the context of your question, so that we wouldn't have to wonder
if you're doing something the hard way.

Every question is a piece of an answer to a larger question.
Sometimes, it's worth backing up a step to ensure you haven't painted
yourself into the corner.

To presume you've already solved the issue that led to your question
in the best possible manner is to have an arrogance that will only
irritate the people from whom you seek guidance. :) Remember, you've
only solved that level to the best of *your* ability.

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 >Re: Determining if the X11 server is running (From: "Paul J. Lucas" <email@hidden>)

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