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Invalid storage class
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Invalid storage class

Hi, all,

I'm running a large chunk of existing C through gcc 4.0 (10.4), using "-arch ppc64 -mtune=G5". One routine coughs up an error:

The routine looks like this:

foo.c:599: error: invalid storage class for function 'is_q_trivial'
foo.c: In function 'blah':

static list blah(int a)
{   int b,c;

    static is_q_trivial();

Question: is this a change in the language that I missed? 3.3 doesn't seem to have a problem with it (not that that proves anything).

Thanks, as always.



Justin C. Walker, Curmudgeon-At-Large
Institute for General Semantics
If you're not confused,
You're not paying attention

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