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Re: Equivalent fot getenv
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Re: Equivalent fot getenv

On Feb 15, 2006, at 8:54 AM, Joe Koski wrote:

on 2/12/06 1:49 PM, Joe Koski at email@hidden wrote:
Thanks Kaelin.

After reading your e-mail, I decided that the make file should work as is
and without changes, so I exported an ORGANIZATION= (just in case) and ran
make, which completed without errors, and did "make check" again. Now all my
errors are in one test routine called "socket" with 32 errors out of 60
tests. All of several thousand other "make check" tests are OK. This sounds
like I need to ask the clisp folks about what's happening. I'll report back
only if it is Mac OS relevant.


The clisp-2.38 folks were aware of the "socket" problem, which they claim is
because "Older BSDs (specifically, Mac OS X 10.4.3) require that sockaddr is
filled with 0 before use (i.e., unused fields must be 0)". They have a patch
in case anyone wants to try it with OS X 10.4.x. Their patch works with my
OS X 10.3.9. My maxima-5.9.2, which is why I needed clisp, also works as

FWIW, the fields are *NOT* unused in case of simultaneous initiation of a TCP connection, per RFC 793, page 31, figure 8. Some TCP state machines are insufficiently complex to handle this case correctly. I guess it would be possible to modify the MacOS X state machine to work in all cases but that particular one, with uninitialized field contents, but it's probably better to zero the structures.

-- Terry
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