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CDC ACM Serial Emulation
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CDC ACM Serial Emulation

This is to document the minimum requirements to implement CDC ACM serial
emulation on Mac OS X 10.4.3:

In addition to the obvious the following must be implemented, or the driver
will fail to start.

1.  Interface bInterfaceProtocol = v25term
2.  bcdCDC <= 1.1
3.  Call Management bmCapabilities = 0x01
4.  Call Management bDataInterface = 0xFF, or bDataInterface = Data Class
5.  ACM bmCapabilities = 0x06

These settings are compatible with the Windows usbser.sys driver.

Note the Atmel, PIC, and FreeRTOS implementations will need to be tweaked as
they were minimally implemented for use with Windows.

Joel Winarske

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