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Re: How to get IMEI Code
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Re: How to get IMEI Code

On Oct 16, 2007, at 10:12 PM, Arun Kumar wrote:

Thnx all for quick reply.

Yesterday, I try to find out the way how i use AT command to get the
IMEI. I try AT command in Windows but i didnot know how to use AT
command in Mac and in C++ program.

Any doucment or sample program how to use AT command in Mac C++ will be great help to me.

If you want to send it modem commands, you'll have to create a serial port driver for the appropriate (vendor specific) USB endpoint in your device, if it doesn't already publish a standards-compliant (CDC, etc) endpoint which is matched by an Apple class driver. Examine your device with USB, and ye may become enlightened.
Shaun Wexler

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