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Thoughts on ditching my PC
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Thoughts on ditching my PC

What can I say. I just plain love working on my Mac but I'm struggling with having to go back to my XP and Windows 2000 box to test and tweak sites.

I hate it but have yet to find a way to ditch my PC.

So, I'm wondering what other web developers who love their Mac do to ensure their sites look and perform just as great in IE/FireFox on the PC as they do on the Mac... using only their Mac.

I have Virtual PC 6 running on a 1.33 GHz G4 PowerBook with 1GB RAM, but it can be painfully slow (due to Virtual PC limitations). It works in a pinch (when I'm on the road) but what I'm really digging for here are alternate solutions (if any).

Keep an open mind here concerning the sometimes painful differences between various browsers and how each of them handle things like CSS, box models, etc. It's these issues that cause me to revert back to a PC to smooth out the bugs.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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