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Re: [Muscle]About the securityd.pllist file on the Leopard
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Re: [Muscle]About the securityd.pllist file on the Leopard

On Nov 5, 2007, at 1:08 AM, JP Szikora wrote:

Wang Yongqing a écrit :
Dear All ,
Now I start to use the smartcard reader on my Leopard, but when I start my computer, the system can start the pcscd daemon automatically. Now I want to start the daemon on my terminal. The question is how can I forbid the pcscd service automatically.
When I use the Mac OS X 10.4, I can change the params in the / private/etc/mach_init.d/securityd.plist to stop the daemon. But on the Leopard, I can't find the file securityd.plist anywhere.


I take some time to do the same thing... The file you're looking for on Leopard is this one: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

I tried few variations for the parameters to add to securityd to prevent to automatically launch pcscd. The -s off works on Tiger, but not on Leopard... With this parameter, there is an error at the boot time...

The syntax of the command-line arguments is different in the launchd configuration file. You must add arguments in an <array> of <string>s. Specifically, something like


(The -i is there by default. You probably want to keep it.)

I'd expect -s off to work in Leopard. That's how we test pcscd...

-- perry
Perry The Cynic email@hidden
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