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untrusted server certificate
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untrusted server certificate

Hi, I've been directed here from the Xcode list, based on the
suggestion that the problem I describe below seems technically to be
tied to a particular version of the iPhone simulator and its handling
of certificates, rather than a version of Xcode per se.  My original
post to the Xcode list follows:

I've encountered an intermittent problem which seems to be triggered
by a particular version of Xcode.  I've been working for some time on
an iPhone app which connects to a server via https, running Xcode
3.1.2 on Leopard.  About a week ago, I upgraded to Xcode 3.1.4, and
since then, I occasionally get stuck in a situation where any attempt
at communicating with the server produces errors like this when
running in the simulator:

Error Domain = NSURLErrorDomain
Code = -1202
description = "untrusted server certificate"

It doesn't matter if I build for iPhone 3.1 or 3.1.2, the result is
the same.  This is sometimes remedied by quitting and restarting
Xcode, or even rebooting my machine;  but not always!  Which leaves me
in the somewhat frustrating situation of being stuck using a device
for development and testing much of the time (frustrating because it's
considerably slower to start the app after each compile).  This
problem *never* occurs on the device, and prior to the upgrade to
Xcode 3.1.4 it never happened in the simulator either, over a
development period of several weeks.  The server in question is a
valid server at a site with proper certificates.

I thought I'd toss this out and see if anyone else has seen anything
like this, before I report it as a bug.  I've searched, and found
various discussions and techniques about how to force the networking
system to go ahead and work with "invalid" certificates, but of the
techniques I've found, each of them either used private APIs, or
didn't work for me;  Besides which, the certificate is actually valid,
so I shouldn't need to muck around at that level.

// jack
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