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how to replace poseAsClass: in 10.6 ?
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how to replace poseAsClass: in 10.6 ?

Hi all,

after more than two years of break (other work priorities), I'm restarting
working on a biometric authentication plugin for Mac OS X. So, I'm now looking
at the change I need to do to have our code updated and working on 10.6.

This authentication module is a SecurityAgent plugin, and is based on

In the authentication process, we can bypass the biometric authentication, and
use a standard password. If the password is not ok, we need to warn the user
that it is invalid. In the previous code, we use NSAlert and poseAsClass.
Something like:

    [SecurityWindow poseAsClass: [NSWindow class]];
    NSAlert *alert = [[[NSAlert alloc] init] autorelease];
    ... (fill in the alert dialog)
    [alert runModal];

and SecurityWindow basically a derivated of NSWindow, with just a:

    [super setLevel: 2003];

in it's setLevel method to force it to 2003.

The problem is that now poseAsClass is now deprecated, and even not working in
the SecurityAgent plugins.

How can I change this to have it working ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Olivier Bornet
Idiap Research Institute, Centre du Parc, CP 592, CH-1920 Martigny
PGP-key: 0xC53D9218

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