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Re: allowed characters in windows username?
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Re: allowed characters in windows username?

Yes, that is correct and you can not use them in file names either.

> From: Mats Anderling <email@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 12:44:02 +0200
> To: email@hidden
> Subject: allowed characters in windows username?
> I have a windows NT from wich users normally can connect without
> problem to my ASIP 6 server. But one user can not connect. After some
> testing I found that I had to remove a special character in her
> username (swedish character E). Then it worked.
> Is this correct? Can you not use these characters in the usernames?
> /Mats Anderling
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 >allowed characters in windows username? (From: Mats Anderling <email@hidden>)

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