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Re: Bonjour in linux
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Re: Bonjour in linux

Simon Walters wrote:
Hi, can someone point me to a site with instructions on how to set up Bonjour in linux.

I don't know if there is documentation on-line, but there is a pretty helpful readme that comes with the source code. It's not that hard to set up if you're familiar with Linux.

First, download mDNSResponder, either from Apple's website or from the CVS repository.

Go to: and click on "Downloads" for the 107.1 version, or on "Bonjour Source Code" for a link to the CVS version. If you're familiar with CVS, I recommend that version -- it has some buges fixed, which are still in the 107.1 version.

after downloaded it, go to the "mDNSPosix" folder, and read the "ReadMe.txt" file. In there it says that you have to type:
make os=linux
while you're in the mDNSPosix folder.

After you're done that, you can install it using
make install os=linux

Alternatively, you can look at the files in the build/ directory yourself.

If you want to try, do read the ReadMe.txt file -- it actually contains some very helpful information how to advertise a service, which you can then see on another computer in your network.

Note that mDNSResponder does not handle auto-configuration of IP addresses; if you want that as well, just drop a line to this list.

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