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Re: permissions of symlink()
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Re: permissions of symlink()

This does not work in 10.4.6

ls -l *.txt
-rwxr-xr-x   1 rosyna  rosyna  10 Jun  7 11:53 filemac.txt

ls: softlink.txt: Permission denied
l---------   1 rosyna  rosyna  11 Jun  7 11:53 softlink.txt

Ack, at 6/7/06, Mark Wagner said:

I'm using 10.3 here, which might make the difference, but the
following, run from the terminal, works exactly as expected:
$ umask 0777
$ ln -s filemac.txt softlink.txt
$ ls -l *.txt

-rwxrw-rw-  2 markwagn  staff   274 14 Nov  2005 filemac.txt*
l---------  1 markwagn  staff    11  7 Jun 11:10 softlink.txt@ -> filemac.txt


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 >Re: permissions of symlink() (From: "Mark Wagner" <email@hidden>)
 >Re: permissions of symlink() (From: "Mark Wagner" <email@hidden>)

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