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Re: Taking keystrokes from PopUpMenuSelect
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Re: Taking keystrokes from PopUpMenuSelect

On 07/06/2006 11:02 Pm, Mike Kluev wrote:

> On Tue, 6 Jun 2006 11:35:20, "Greg Minton" <email@hidden> wrote:
>> I want to intercept keystrokes sent to a popup menu and shunt them
>> elsewhere.
> Why? That would be non-standard behavior.
>> Handlers installed on the application or event dispatcher
>> get "normal" keystrokes, but miss the spacebar, which is taken as a
>> close command to the menu.  Is there a way to get keystrokes (in
>> particular, a space) before the menu loop processes them?  Alternately,
>> can I pop up the (HIView) menu without PopUpMenuSelect?
> The next thing I'd try is installing event handler on the
> control target, and if that doesn't help - on the popup
> menu itself.

Or simply UserFocus event target.


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