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re: Distributed object and run loops I didn't start
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re: Distributed object and run loops I didn't start

On Fri,  9 Mar 2007 10:57:10 -0700, James Bucanek <email@hidden>
> This has been running fine until user X shows up. User X has Unsanity's APE
> installed. When they run my application, the UIElement application hangs. I
> had them send me an Activity Monitor sample and the stack trace shows that
> some APE modules have started their own run loops.

Our (Apple's) official policy is that we don't support APE'd systems.
Period. The data miner that parses all the crash logs that are sent to us
automatically ignores any report that has APE api's in the backtraces or
dylb lists.

Likewise If DTS receives a crash incident with API in the backtrace or dylb
list we will not investigate it. Our "standard answer" in this case is to
inform the developer that we don't support APE and that we'll only be able
to help them if they can reproduce the problem without APE installed.

I would suggest that you do the same for your "user X". ;-)
George Warner,
Schizophrenic Optimization Scientist
Apple Developer Technical Support (DTS)

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