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Re: Bubdle API CFBundleCreate( ) ?
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Re: Bubdle API CFBundleCreate( ) ?

On 7/7/03 12:14 PM, Sumit Utreja didst favor us with:

> We are porting an existing Mac OS 9 application to Mac OS X using the
> Carbonization process. During the call to bundle APIs
> CFBundleCreate() is returning NULL . The documentation says that it would
> return
> NULL only if either there is a memory problem or the Bundle is not present .
> I couldn't see these while debugging.
> Also I called up API to get error which returned 0.
> Is this some sort of a plist problem.
> I have a unique bundle identifier name.
> Could any one tell me what am i doing wrong.
Well, I don't see any code (typical of, but what bundle is
this? Is the your own application bundle or another bundle? Can you post 5
or 10 lines of relevant code? What API did you call to get an error code?
This is another one of those "I tried an API and it didn't work. What did I
do wrong?" questions. We really need more information than this to help you.

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 >Bubdle API CFBundleCreate( ) ? (From: Sumit Utreja <email@hidden>)

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