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What library support does MAC provides for implementing the standard
OLE(COM-support) as on Windows....

None that I'm aware of.

Why Sleep mode of a standard G4 m/c hangs many a complex and multithreaded

What is an "m/c?" My guess is it's a bug in your application. Did you ask this on Apple's MT-SMP mailing list?

Why did Multithreading applications shows me such a poor performance as if
it's not a wrapper over Unix but on some 8 bit OS....(not even DOS)

I haven't seen this. Are you using MPTasks? Did you ask this on Apple's MT-SMP mailing list?

Please, let's not turn this list into a war between different nationalities, or between experts and beginners. It does seem that should buy a few more basic Mac programming books, and suggest that their novice Mac programmers read the documentation before asking vague questions here. But we were all novices once, and I think increasing the number of Mac programmers world-wide can only be a good thing.

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