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Disabling Samba master browser
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Disabling Samba master browser

We have a 10.3.5 machine that has become the SMB master browser in its
subnet. This is causing problems with the Windows machines in that subnet,
and I need to turn it off without losing all the functionality of Samba and
Windows file sharing.

I've found a few references on how to edit the conf file (/etc/smb.conf) so
as to disable the capability, including one that appears to be most

The description says to include the following lines in the conf file.

    os level = 0
    lm announce = No
    preferred master = No
    local master = No
    domain master = No

But this refers to 10.2.x, which includes an earlier version of Samba than

This looks both easy and elegant, in that on first inspection it appears to
solve the immediate problem as well as other potential problems (a Mac OS X
machine becoming any sort of Windows browser).

So I have a few questions:
1. Will this work?
2. Will it work across the board, from 10.2.3 to 10.3.5?
3. Are there gotchas I don't see?
4. Can I push this out with radmind? ARD?
5. Are there other lists where I ought to ask the question for additional


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