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Kid Pix 4 Network
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Kid Pix 4 Network

We have rolled out KP4 Network in a couple of our elementary sites.  Thanks
to documentation on their website, we got around the issue of students being
prompted to add their names by using an "autologin".  The second issue we
had was the default save location within the app being the My Pictures
folder which resides inside the KP Network mount.  Although students could
redirect saving to their own Documents folder, it's a little tough to get
very little students to do so and consequently things end up being saved to
the network share from which KP resources flow.

By modifying the kp.cfg file and adding UsersParentPath="*/Documents" as the
ending statement, we can get the application to save to the network home
directory of either student or staff users HOWEVER, that messes up their
ability to use "Rubber Stamps".  Go figure.

It's a puzzlement and their tech support is saying "Then don't do that".
Bottom line is we have to make the trade off to default save to users
homedirs or use the stamps.  Seems to me the same line of instructions that
tell an application where to save shouldn't also tell it from whence to pull
resources (at least I think that's what it's doing).

Has anyone else had any luck with this application or changing the kp.cfg
file in such a way that doesn't break other things?

Any help will be shared.

Janice K. Hill
PC Support Specialist
Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
Sheboygan Area School District

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