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RE: Accelerated Reader vs Scholastic Reading Counts[Scanned]
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RE: Accelerated Reader vs Scholastic Reading Counts[Scanned]

Title: Accelerated Reader vs Scholastic Reading Counts
Accelerated Reader in the new version is now web based (over a T1 line to the school) and we are testing at one site, the server is at the district. They love it and seem to have no problems.
We are also testing the enterprise version of Scholastic (Read 180, Reading Counts and Scholastic Reading Inventory are in this suite). This trail has also been very successful and we are running a dedicated server at the site, it is not web based. The server doesn't have to be at your district, it can be local but they want a dedicated server nonetheless. We will probably be going to the model of servers at the district, aggregate setup as they call it, since we are upgrading to a fiber/broadband connection to all our schools. But we had so many issues with the older versions, this new version doesn't require maintenance on the database and getting reports, I am told, is easy and flawless.

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Subject: Accelerated Reader vs Scholastic Reading Counts[Scanned]

Hi everyone!  I am looking for a little advice before committing to a product.  A few years ago when we had Macintosh Manager, one of the elementary schools used Accelerated Reader (before I worked for the District).  It has not run on the machines in 2 years, as it was an older version and I upgraded us to 10.3.9 client and 10.4 server.  I was approached by the Principal about getting the most recent version so that they could start using it again, but when I looked into it I found that there were some WGM issues with A.R.  At that time I sent a message to this list, and some people reccomended that I look into Scholastic Reading Counts.  Needless to say, we looked and liked what we saw.  Problem is, there are two versions of Reading Counts.  The first is Version 3.0.3 and is for single schools.  The other Version is the Enterprise edition and this is a District version.  They are really pushing me towards the enterprise edition (scholastic) and I was almost convinced until I started talking to a tech at the company who suggested that 3.0.3 will work better for just one school and that enterprise had too many bells and whistles for my needs.  Then, I did a google search for 3.0.3 and discovered that  there seems to be some printing issues among other issues with Reading Counts.  

Bottom line is, for those of you using either AR or RC, which one would you recommend and and why?  I could use a little help on this and thank you in advance for your input.

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