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Re: MCX not taking on first boot......WORKAROUND FOUND
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Re: MCX not taking on first boot......WORKAROUND FOUND


Scott got back with me and corrected what I said!!

He meant for me to create a file in /etc called rc.local and then within that file put the /bin/sleep 10 command.

Edits made to the /etc/rc file that is already there could get erased with a software update down the road.

I haven't tested this way with making the /etc/rc.local file, I already pushed out a new rc file to our labs, but will probably test the other way with the rc.local file and push it out monday and I recommend that way as well so you don't get hit later on with an update.

Here is what I am planning now:
touch /etc/rc.local
chown root:wheel /etc/rc.local
chmod 644 /etc/rc.local

Then for the contents of the rc.local file simply will be:
/bin/sleep 10
exit 0

That will hopefully work ok, and I'll push it out using ARD 3 after I test it on a few machines first.


Dan Ball
Pittsburgh Technical Institute
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