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Safari Not Responding
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Safari Not Responding

I had this problem last school year, and it is reappearing this school year..

Students are logged in and using Safari.  When time is up I have them (try to) quit Safari and then log out.  The problem is that when they quit Safari - (either by doing Apple-Q or going to the Safari menu and choosing quit), Safari does NOT quit.  This happens on about 8 out of 10 machines.  So I have to force quit Safari before they can log out.  When I do force quit, it says Safari Not Responding.

This problem does not seem to happen during the morning hours, but rather during the 1pm to 3 pm time frame.  This leads me to think it has something to do with network traffic in the district since it is much higher during the afternoon hours.  But I'm not a network guru and don't know if this is the problem or not - or why it would happen - or more importantly, what to do about it!

Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

Marcy Matties
Hillcrest PDS
4225 Pine Ave.
Waco, Tx.  76710

254 772-4286

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