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Darwin Version - New Scheme in Software Update 1
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Darwin Version - New Scheme in Software Update 1

New Darwin Versioning Scheme

As of Software Update 1 for Mac OS X v10.1, we have moved to a new numbering policy for the Darwin portions of Mac OS X. It you type "uname -a" from the command-line, you will see that the Darwin version number has changed to "5.1" (actually 5.1.0), which better aligns Darwin's numbering scheme with our internal build processes. The "5" refers to the major release - "4" was Mac OS X v10.0, and the earlier numbers represented developer releases. The minor version '1' is generally the update number, and the final number (e.g, the "0" in 5.1.0) represent 'variants'. For example, under the new scheme, the Darwin in Mac OS X v10.0 would've been '5.0.0' whereas the Open Source Darwin version released immediately afterwards (1.4.1) would've been "5.0.1".

We apologize for any disruption this may cause existing projects, and hope this change will enable us to provide greater consistency in the future.

Ernie Prabhakar
Open Source Product Manager

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