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Installing darwin on a PC?
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Installing darwin on a PC?

Hi there,
  I'm new to the list so I'll start with the standard -- HELLO WORLD!
-- and move on to the topic that interest me and all of you...
installing darwin on an x86 architecture.

  Now, I've been using darwin on a mac before (my parents Mac) and
would need it on my own computer for development.  I program on linux
and compile for windows and darwin.
  So I'm wondering if it's possible to install darwin on my PC and how
to do it.  Possibly if you could give me an URL with the
documentation, i'll start there.

  Also, I'm thinking... once my program will be compiled for this
Darwin/x86, will it work on an actual MacG5?

I'm sure all my questions can be answered by a FAQ, if there is one
(couldn't find it) please send me its URL.

Thanks a lot,
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