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"bless" tool available from Darwin CVS
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"bless" tool available from Darwin CVS

Greetings Darwin users and developers,

The "bless" tool has been open-sourced, and it is now available on Apple's
web-site. "Bless" is a command-line utility that modifes Open
Firmware-based parameters used during the boot sequence. In many respects,
"bless" is the command-line equivalent of System Disk in Mac OS 9 and
Startup Disk in Mac OS X. Using the "bless" command, you may select a boot
volume (i.e "bless" it), validate that a particular volume is "blessed,"
create boot blocks for a specified volume, set Open Firmware to boot off a
given volume, and more. The "bless" tool should help Darwin developers
better analyze boot-time behavior and alleviate much of the difficulty of
creating bootable volumes.

You may download the "bless" tool via CVS from:
Darwin / Commands / Apple / bless

Shantonu Sen
Localization & Release Engineering
Apple Computer, Inc.

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