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Re: Widgets with iPhone?
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Re: Widgets with iPhone?

Again, more speculation, but the iPhone plays back videos from the iTunes store so it has to at least have some form of Quicktime...

Considering this product isn't even shipping till June, the number and type of widgets may drastically change between now and then. Also, if Leopard ships between now and then (which I suspect it will) Widgets themselves may look totally different. Namely widgets may be resolution independent. Notice that the iPhone's screen is 160ppi. If we assume the average screen now to be about 90-100ppi, that means a desktop widget would look almost half the size on the iPhone. Alternately an iPhone widget on a Tiger box would conceivably look about twice its size.

So, although I think we'll be able to use Dashboard widgets interchangably, I don't think it will be without some effort; at the very least bumping up our graphics up to make them viewable on the iPhone.

I think we'll probably run into some minor things like switching to vector png and svg images but otherwise widgets will be a "write once run everywhere" kind of thing. Who knows, the widgets may even utilize resources like localizations where the runtime environment looks for alternate copies of images based on its native ppi.

On Jan 9, 2007, at 4:21 PM, Michael Stearne wrote:

Any widgets with video or audio in them are conspicuously missing. I
wonder if Quicktime is a part of "OS X".  That would be a huge deal on
cell phones (especially in Safari on the phone)


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