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Re: Burning .dmg and setting disc icon
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Re: Burning .dmg and setting disc icon

On Wednesday, November 13, 2002, at 07:45 AM, Josh Ferguson wrote:

I have two (probably newbie) questions. First off, is there a way to set a disc's icon during the burn?

The volume's icon is determined by the contents of the disc... so to change the icon, you need to change the contents of the disc in some way.

A quick summary is that you need to set the custom icon bit in the Finder info for the root folder -- see Finder.h -- and add a file containing the icon data to the root.

Try searching or the web at large for more information on custom icon files... OS9 expects an "Icon\r" file; OSX will use those but will prefer a new-style ".VolumeIcon.icns" file. Which one you use probably depends on your compatibility needs.

Second, is there a way to burn a .dmg or .img file to disc?

The .dmg and .img format have not been documented publicly... also, some of the variants include compression or encryption. So the general answer to your question is no, without intimate knowledge of the (unpublished) file format, you can't burn a raw .dmg or .img without mounting it first.

If you're willing to mount the image through the filesystem, there are more options.

I'll skip over the more complicated ones and go directly to the simplest: use the DRContent APIs to create a real folder pointing at the root folder of the mounted image. You may want to set the filesystem mask as well. Then burn your disc. When you're done, unmount the image. See the DataBurn samples in the SDK for more information.


Drew Thaler
CD/DVD Burning Issues
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 >Burning .dmg and setting disc icon (From: "Josh Ferguson" <email@hidden>)

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