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Re: [Fed-Talk] Lion FileVault
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Re: [Fed-Talk] Lion FileVault

From: "Rowe, Walter" <email@hidden>
> External drive support
> FileVault 2 supports encryption of external USB and FireWire drives.

Ok, anyone know -how-?  I can see how FileVault would work if the external drive is the boot drive.  But so far I have not seen any way to enable File Vault on an external drive using either the Security System Preference or Disk Utility.

And that raises a related issue:  If you have a FV encrypted (boot) partition (I guess it's right that it's the partition and not the physical device that's encrypted), and you boot from another bootable partition (device), can you decrypt the encrypted partition using the key you got when you created the FV partition?  This must be the case, otherwise how would you use the stored key for recovery.  I guess I'l have to try that sometime if no one else has checked that out.

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