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[Fed-Talk] Has anyone done a clean install using a self-made USB?
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[Fed-Talk] Has anyone done a clean install using a self-made USB?

I've got an old 2009 core 2 duo MBP that I'm testing Lion on.  After downloading, I went into the package contents and created a bootable DVD and USB with the InstallESD.dmg file.  I booted fine off the USB and then started the install of Lion after erasing the HDD and formatting with an encrypted HFS journaled file system.  However after about 10 minutes, the install hung on something to do with Time Machine (I wasn't use time machine, this was clean).  I rebooted and tried to restart the install process, but I got an error stating that "There was an error during installation, please try reinstalling".  Now no matter what I do, I get that error.  I've booted off DVD and USB, I've erased the HDD again using non-encrypted FS, but no matter what I do, the install fails after every boot.

I have access to the standard boot tools, anyone have ideas?


David R. Whitley Jr. 

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