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Re: [Fed-Talk] Lion documentation
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Re: [Fed-Talk] Lion documentation

Several people have pointed out that there is an icon in the upper right corner that allows you to "print" the documentation to a PDF and then use it with an iPad. I was looking for a PDF icon, and didn't notice the gray-on-gray print icon.

    So I'm happy. But Apple really should have a PDF...

        -- Lawrence

On 7/23/11 11:27 , Matthew Smith wrote:
I've read a lot of things online about the iPad app "Goodreader" which lets you read offline content.  So, if you don't find a PDF of the documentation, you could probably save the site's contents in a zip file, transfer it to the iPad with Goodreader, and read it like that.


On Jul 22, 2011, at 7:52 AM, Lawrence Charters wrote:

Does anyone know if this documentation,

is available as a PDF or some other offline form?

Lawrence I. Charters "0s and 1s for science" email@hidden

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