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Re: [Fed-Talk] 10.6.8 + Safari 5.1 CRASH Accessing
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Re: [Fed-Talk] 10.6.8 + Safari 5.1 CRASH Accessing


I've read of many customers reporting problems after upgrading to Safari
v5.1.  Two workarounds that I've read were 1) going back to Safari
v5.0.1 (by reinstalling the Mac OS X v10.6.8 update) or 2) testing the
WebKit Nightly Build (

Obviously, it would help if someone could test the same sites with our
software on a fresh install of Mac OS X without the
I've been unable to duplicate the problems you've experienced using a
clean installation of Mac OS X v10.6.8 which had PKard installed.

Carl Ketterling
Thursby Software Systems, Inc.
email@hidden | (817) 478-5070

In response to this text from John Casebolt
(email@hidden) sent on Monday, July 25, 2011 at 5:41
PM (-0400):

>I've been cruising along for over a year now using my CAC with
> every day - no problems.
>Today, I updated to 10.6.8 and to Safari 5.1.
>Every time I access https://software.forge.mi, Safari crashes on me.
>Sometimes immediately, sometimes after rendering almost an entire page.
>I did notice that my DoD issuing intermediate (DoD 25) was not in my
>keychain - it never was, but that did not seem to matter before these
>I installed that cert, and my CAC certs all appear with green check
>marks again.
>Same crashing behavior.
>I have tried, to no avail, all of the following:
>- deleting/re-creating identity prefs
>- reinstalling Safari 5.1
>- repairing disk permissions
>- repairing the startup disk
>- reinstalling tokend NG
>- purchasing, installing and using Thursby Pkcard
>I've sent crash reports to Apple and entered a topic on the Thursby
>support forum.
>Anyone else seeing anything like this?
>Tomorrow I'll try a different CAC reader.
>John Casebolt
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 >[Fed-Talk] 10.6.8 + Safari 5.1 CRASH Accessing (From: John Casebolt <email@hidden>)

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