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iOS 4 IPv6
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iOS 4 IPv6

Ok, so the good news is that the iPhone OS 4 will do IPv6 over the wifi interface:

The bad news is that it won't work without also having IPv4, either on wifi or the mobile interface.

On a network with no IPv4 (and no mobile data) RAs and DHCPv6 that provides a DNS address, it will obtain the DNS address and display that in the box in the wifi info for a second or two, but then it will get an address in 169.254/16 and the netmask with all the other boxes, including that for the DNS, being empty.

Trying to connect to the network is useless at this stage as apps will say there is no internet connectivity and not even try.

To add insult to injury, it's not possible to type literal IPv6 address URLs because the URL entry softkeyboard doesn't have the [ and ] characters.

I can't escape the feeling that Apple does not do any testing of its IPv6 features. This is dangerous. At some point a serious enough bug will crop up that will make people turn off IPv6 on their Macs or i* devices, landing us even farther from where we need to be.

Oh wait, I have to turn IPv4 back on to file a bug... Number 8119119. I also entered a bug for the [ and ] thing but I had to relogin upon submission and my text disappeared, not going to retype. _______________________________________________
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