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Re: A note of caution - Airport Extreme Firmware 7.6.3
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Re: A note of caution - Airport Extreme Firmware 7.6.3

On 2013-02-08 08:47 , John Haxby wrote:
> On 8 Feb 2013, at 02:11, Stephen Falatko <email@hidden> wrote:
>> I have an IPv6 tunnel provided by  I updated my time
>> capsule to 7.6.3 and after reboot it showed an IPv6 tunnel error.
>> I confirmed that all the tunnel settings were correct.  I then
>> downgraded to 7.6.1 and with the same settings the time capsule no
>> longer reports a tunnel error.
> This may have been coincidence: my tunnel went down
> yesterday without any need for upgrades.  However, I realise that
> there are a lot of tunnel end points.

In regards to SixXS, when something is "broken", do check the "Live
Tunnel Status" in the tunnel detail page, that will tell you what the
PoP thinks about your tunnel. One can at least see source/dest address
pairs, if it is up, if there are packets coming in/out etc. If latency
packets are processed etc.

Of course, that is only one part of a diagnosis, traceroutes and
everything else that is listed on the contact page are of help too to
determine what is wrong.

Looks that at the moment your endpoint is doing quite fine:

Latency Min             : 11.45 ms
Latency Avg             : 11.87 ms
Latency Max             : 12.29 ms

But, you are not alone in this problem:

For that tunnel I had a quick peek & tcpdump and it seems that the
Airport/TimeCapsule is ICMP-rejecting protocol-41 packets:

09:10:04.467754 IP yy.yy.yy.yy > xx.xx.xx.xx: IP6 zz::z > ww::w: ICMP6,
echo request, seq 1, length 64

09:10:04.478650 IP xx.xx.xx.xx > yy.yy.yy.yy: ICMP host xx.xx.xx.xx
unreachable - admin prohibited filter, length 36

And then indeed things won't work.

Seems I need to add a "packet rejected" error counter in sixxsd, added
to the todo list.


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