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Re: "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute"
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Re: "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute"

Mieke Banderas wrote:

>Possibly not strictly a Java development question, but if I download an
>app in a Jar, shouldn't OS X be equipped to run it?

If the jar is sufficiently well-formed, then yes.

> With XMLpad I get:
>"Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from
>Shouldn't the Main-Class attribute be taken care of in the startup

Yes, if there is a Main-Class attribute in the jar.

The way I read that error message is:
  There is no Main-Class attribute in this jar's manifest,
  therefore I cannot determine which class to run.

I have often used the Main-Class attribute and it works just fine on Mac OS
X.  Double-clicking the jar launches the program, and the main class runs.
If that's not happening for you, suspect the jar.  If it's the jar, then
file a bug-report with the manufacturer.

>Any ideas to route around the problem? As I'm not up to scratch
>with runnable Jars in Mac OS X, I'm not sure where to look.

First, look in xmlpad.jar:
  jar xf xmlpad.jar META-INF

That will extract everything in the META-INF dir of the jar, which includes
the manifest if there is one.  If there isn't one, then you know that's the
problem.  If there is one, then open it in TextEdit and see what's in it.

There's nothing special about runnable jars on Mac OS X.  They're the same

  -- GG

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