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Re: Quite a show!
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Re: Quite a show!

We all know that Java3D had a cost, so now lets show a benefit for having
Java3D? Even the people who used to use it all acknowledge that it is a dead
API outside of some very specialized use cases. I know for certain that I
have fielded a significant number of queries from people trying to move away
from it to JOGL on OSX (which led to some bug fixes on my part) or Xith3D.
JOGL and Xith3D are both faster, more capable, and more compatible. Xith3D
also offers API compatibility at the 95%.

But if you believe that porting Java3D was more important that all of the
other Java things that are 'open' either in bug form, feature form, or
existence form (J2ME) - then clearly we have a different opinion about
cost-benefit analysis, or more particularly what is a benefit and how
measurable that is.

On 7/1/04 7:02 PM, "email@hidden"
<email@hidden> wrote:

> Gregory Pierce wrote:
> | If the whole debate were really about cost benefit, they would have never
> | ported the (then deprecated and unsupported) Java3D API to OSX. There were
> | far more pressing things that were needed.
> How does that show it's not about cost-benefit tradeoffs? It only shows that
> what you consider to be a benfit isn't the same as what Apple considers a
> benefit, so the decision you'd have made is different from the one they made.
> Glen Fisher
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