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Re: 3d java libraries
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Re: 3d java libraries

I've been trying to get java3d 1.5 working on a new intel imac. i didn't realize that 1.3 was bundled with tiger. initially i was getting a few errors, but managed to compile and run things with the j3d and jogl libraries in /Library/Java/Extensions. I've now moved them to a subdirectory of my classpath and have been able to compile and run java3d apps without adding the 1.5 and jogl libraries to the classpath, which makes sense in light of a tiger 1.3 install. however, searching for j3dcore.jar turns up nothing on my system. so I'm wondering where the tiger install of java3d is located... and how can it be moved aside in favor of using java3d 1.5?

Java 3D 1.3.1 (bundled with Tiger) hasn't been updated since 2003.

You already have Java3D - it's built in to Tiger.

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