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noob question
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noob question

My instructor has us using the Scanner class (java.util.Scanner) and I want to see what all the public method are, that I can use. Can someone give me a website that would be helpful in searching these classes so I can see what is available to me. I've heard there is a way to do it sometime ago, but I have not come across a place in my book (Yet) that describes how to go about looking at the library classes.  Thank you for any assistance.

I was given an example of the Scanner class in which I can:

import java.util.Scanner;

public clas..............
   Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;

   intSomething = keyboard.nextInt();
   doubleSomething = keyboard.nextDouble();

// I just want to get a string of input but I can't do this

   stringSomething = keyboard.nextString();

// So do I have to do a charSomething = keyboard.nextChar(); and use a loop to make my string. I haven't tried it yet because it would seem to me the class would have string handling implemented someway, and I just don't know how to go about finding out what the methods are.

Thanks for putting up with my stupid Noob questions   :)

New to Mac w/Mac Pro
New to Java w/Wrox 'Beginning Java 2'

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