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UnsatisfiedLinkError after building a JNI Library
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UnsatisfiedLinkError after building a JNI Library


 I'm trying to build a JNI library. My C code compiles fine, and when I add a main() method I can run it and it runs properly. But when I build it as a dynamic library, my java code won't load it. I'm getting an UnsatisfiedLinkError, even though I've verified the Library is on the load library path.

I suspect that java doesn't consider it a valid library. So when I give it an actual invalid library (an xml file that I've renamed to look like a library) I get exactly the same behavior, which supports my suspicions. So I assume I'm doing something wrong when I link my object files. Here's my link statement:

gcc  -g  -dynamiclib -framework JavaVM src/cReverse.o src/jni.o  -o out/production/Cjni/libCjni.jnilib

(This is modified from a makefile generated by the alpha C++ plugin for the IntelliJ IDE.)

I'm calling System.loadLibrary("CjniLib") with a library file named "libCjniLib.jnilib", although when I try calling System.load(basePath + "libCjniLib.jnilib"), I still get the Error, without any explanation. (basePath is the absolute path to the file.)

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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