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Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError after building a JNI Library
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Re: UnsatisfiedLinkError after building a JNI Library

Miguel Munoz wrote:

gcc -g -dynamiclib -framework JavaVM src/cReverse.o src/jni.o -o out/production/Cjni/libCjni.jnilib
I'm calling System.loadLibrary("CjniLib") with a library file named "libCjniLib.jnilib", although when I try calling System.load (basePath + "libCjniLib.jnilib"), ...

These are inconsistent.

The output from gcc is named "libCjni.jnilib". For System.loadLibrary (), you would use "Cjni" to load this lib, not "CjniLib".

There is a similar problem with the path you pass to System.load(). The filename simply doesn't match what gcc is producing.

Maybe you renamed gcc's output file to "libCjniLib.jnilib". But if you didn't, you're using the wrong lib name in the Java code. If that's the problem, I recommend naming the lib something more consistent with its purpose and less repetitive. Even "Fubar" would be better than what you have now.

The following works perfectly for me.

  -- GG

File ----- public class Piddy { public static void main( String[] args ) { System.out.println( "java.library.path = " + System.getProperty( "java.library.path" ) );

    System.out.println( "pid = " + pid() );
    System.out.println( "ppid = " + ppid() );

  private static native int pid();

  private static native int ppid();

  {  System.loadLibrary( "Piddy" );  }

File Piddy.c ----- #include <sys/types.h> #include <unistd.h>

#include "Piddy.h"

Java_Piddy_pid(JNIEnv * env, jclass cl)
{  return getpid();  }

Java_Piddy_ppid(JNIEnv * env, jclass cl)
{  return getppid();  }

Commands to build and run: ----- javac

javah -jni Piddy

gcc -x c \
  -I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers \
  -c Piddy.c -o Piddy.o

gcc -dynamiclib -o libPiddy.jnilib Piddy.o

java Piddy

file lib*

## end
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