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Java 10.5 Update 2 Version 1 Installation Fails ...
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Java 10.5 Update 2 Version 1 Installation Fails ...


I just did the Java 10.5 Update 2 Version 1 installation, yesterday. The installation was done via the Mac Os X Software Updater. The installation seemed to go fine and without error. However after the installation the updated refreshes and lists the same update as available to be installed. Closing the updater and reopening the Java update is again shown as needing to be installed.

Following this update Safari 4 crashes after being opened as well. I have posted to the Safari Discussions area but no help there so I thought that maybe someone here could help me back out the 10.5 Update 2 installation or maybe someone here has a solution to this issue that does not require backing out of the installation.

Here is the link to the Safari 4 issue on the discussions area for Safari on Mac OS X.


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