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Re: replacement for AquaImageFactory.drawFrameTitleBackground
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Re: replacement for AquaImageFactory.drawFrameTitleBackground

At 06:52 -0700 18/6/09, email@hidden wrote:

JInternalFrames are implemented in the Aqua Look and Feel to fulfill the compatibility requirements of the Java language specification TCK. The JInternalFrame implementation is a gross violation of the Apple Human Interface guidelines which explicitly forbids any sort of MDI-like window-inside-of-a-window shenanigans. I don't recommend
 > any Swing developers use them on any platform.

While I both understand this and agree, it would be nice if the Aqua LAF would provide a way to access the colors used to draw the title bar gradients. Either as color UIResources or "painters" (Borders)
like you do for the source list background etc.

I've only been half-following this thread (though obviously I'm interested in any feedback regarding compatibility of the latest update that might affect my users). If I understand you right though, the issue is that you're having problems getting MDI-style internal frames to draw like normal Mac OS X windows? As MDI is a concept that simply doesn't map well to Mac OS X, why not just accept that and give up the pretence of making them look like other native windows? Provide your own implementation that is functional (ie. doesn't crash with a NoSuchMethodError) but doesn't care too much about its appearance, and put a note in your documentation to say that MDI isn't recommended for cross-platform applications.

Rolf Howarth
Square Box Systems Ltd
Stratford-upon-Avon, UK.
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