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Re: Setting -Xmx dynamically at launch time under 64bit
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Re: Setting -Xmx dynamically at launch time under 64bit

Using a bash script instead of a JavaApplicationStub in the application bundle allows for changing the parameters. However, this breaks the handleOpenFile() functionality: the event signal never arrives at the handleOpenFile ApplicationEvent event. Some similar concepts were previously proposed in this thread:

This sample lets you to do whatever checks you need to do in native, start the JVM based on your own parameters, and then parks itself in CFRunLoop() to wait for the AWT to start:

What about a java launcher stub. Use Runtime exec to launch a java process. I think this is what the Apache common launcher project code amounts to. It is based on the Tomcat or some such product launcher code and uses a ant task approach but I think in the end just amounts to Runtime exec'd java. Assuming you can decide at Runtime what parameters you want to use.

Do these also break the double-click-on-a-data-file mechanisms? Any thoughts how one could get around this?
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