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Re: Java for OS X Developer Preview (11M3705+10M3705a)
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Re: Java for OS X Developer Preview (11M3705+10M3705a)

I guess I need to rephrase the question.

The rumor sites are stating as a fact that this is the final release of Java from Apple.  But they're not sourcing that statement.  The possibilities are:

* A leak from Apple (not likely) or Oracle (possible, but they didn't say that, even in vague terms).
* They're pulling it out of their butts based on timing (possible, but if so, say it's a guess, don't state it as a fact).
* I missed an Apple publication of this somewhere (very possible).

I can speculate about the possible sources of a given story as well as anyone…I was really asking if anyone has seen an official statement to the effect that this is the final Apple release of Java that I might have missed.

On May 5, 2012, at 2:19 AM, Ronald C.F. Antony wrote:

On 5 May 2012, at 08:19, Jim Douglas <email@hidden> wrote:

Where are the rumor sites getting this assertion ("final")?

Either they know someone on the inside, or they are good at guessing. I mean, where does the NYTimes get info on the CIA or domestic spying? People tell them, and they are willing to ask.

Oracle is releasing their first release, and Mountain Lion is supposedly around the corner.
So even if it's not the last release, it's somewhere close to that. There might be an emergency bug-patch if there's a massive security hole found, but realistically, how long do you expect Apple to continue Java development after they told everyone they are going to stop and let Oracle do the job?


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