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How to sign a Java app for Gatekeeper
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How to sign a Java app for Gatekeeper

Hi list,

I must admit, I'm quite perplexed. For Gatekeeper my Java app must be signed to run. This I understand. But how to do this? I'm puzzled by the process and terminology.

I _think_ I've acquired a suitable developer id from Apple (although I'm not certain). I _think_ I understand how to use codesign from Terminal to sign a file (although I'm not certain). I _don't think_ I know what files I must sign in my app bundle. Jars? App launcher? A small Objective-C app I include in the bundle to do something that Java can't? 

All-in-all I'm mystified. And I'm anxious about the (unknown but imminent) day when this starts to really matter.

Can someone post (on this list, or on a blog) the process step-by-step for signing a app ready for Gatekeeper? Including an example of exactly what I must use in codesign on the command line?

Most grateful in advance,



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