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Re: Java7 Socket Closed Exception
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Re: Java7 Socket Closed Exception

On Jun 4, 2013, at 3:18 PM, Ben Spink wrote:

I am using jxfilewatcher as part of this.  It opens file handles to all the file's its watching.  Roughly 4300 items in the folder I am working with.  With the 10240 limit in OS X, that shouldn't pose a problem for java being able to make sockets...right?

Try testing on an empty or much smaller folder?
Java 7 has nio.2 with a polling WatchService implementation on OS X that you might be able to try instead of jxfilewatcher if I'm understanding what thats doing correctly it's similar functionality.

Not really helpful probably but my trz library below includes a OS X kqueue implementation of a nio.2 WatchService. It passed the basic jvm tests but would probably not do well with 4300 files.

Michael Hall

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