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Re: JNLP signing requirement.
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Re: JNLP signing requirement.

On Jun 10, 2013, at 8:20 AM, Steve Kann wrote:

The result from this operation seems to pass Gatekeeper on the local machine. However, it seems like the signature gets stored as extended HFS attributes, and as a result, it is not transmitted if a user fetches the file from a HTTP transaction.

This is a concern to me since I use some JWS. I am still 10.7 though one reason being that I thought this sort of thing might start coming up at 10.8. So I'm not sure how much I can say.
Are you talking about java 6 or 7?
7 would be addressed separately and probably best answered on the macosx-port list.
This seems like it should be a bug as you describe it. Storing a signature for a webstart file in a way that it loses the signature on download doesn't make a lot of sense. Someone who understands the mechanism would have to explain that. I think in looking at downloaded stuff a little bit back there were some extended attributes automatically associated. I set up some java api's in my trz package (see below) to read these attributes as java 7 nio.2 attributes but didn't allow for update as I saw that in some cases you could set them in ways that messed up spotlight. I was sort of leaving it open for anyone to give me a case where they needed update - which hasn't happened up to now. These signatures might be a reason but I haven't seen anything on their use and wouldn't know how to provide it if it is even possible for what you describe. 

Michael Hall

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