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Re: JNLP signing requirement.
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Re: JNLP signing requirement.

On 12 juin 2013, at 06:54, Andrew Herron wrote:

>> On Jun 10, 2013, at 8:20 AM, Steve Kann wrote:
>> Are you talking about java 6 or 7?
> This actually has nothing to do with Java itself, technically. From what I can see gatekeeper blocking is done at the application launch layer, so before the OS even attempts to launch the JNLP (regardless of the Java version) it requires a valid signature.

This definitely has to do with how Java is integrated on the platform for the end users.
I consider this part of the port development, of jdk 6 or jdk 7.

And if this fails it should be the responsibility of the JDK release note to indicate that "it's impossible to distribute a JNLP-launched application whose signature has not been enriched by Apple's authority".


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