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Re: Will Java 6 survive in Mavericks?
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Re: Will Java 6 survive in Mavericks?

Hi all,


in no particular order:


>10.9 will be available in the Fall

That means as the latest day: December 20 /21, 2013.


>Java 7 in 10.9

How can we know what will be java 7 state at 10.9 release date from June 12, 2013 ?


>Java 6 in 10.9 ?

Seems to me not probable: will Java 6 be working in 10.9 (can it be compatible to 10.9 ?)


Nota: I do not have any insight information neither from Apple nor Oracle.


All I wanted to say in this mail is: I understand the legitimate question, but so far away from an OS release, is it reasonable to ask this kind of question (with so many variables that can be changed until then) ?


If I take the question from a different point of view:

Is the currently running Java 7 so buggy / with so many security flaws ?

(of course, if it is so bad, why people are using it ?)


Think at my comments if they comes from a newbie point of view.





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