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Re: Will Java 6 survive in Mavericks?
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Re: Will Java 6 survive in Mavericks?

On Wed, 12 Jun 2013 15:11:32 +0200, <email@hidden> wrote:

If I take the question from a different point of view:

Is the currently running Java 7 so buggy / with so many security flaws ?

(of course, if it is so bad, why people are using it ?)

The specific issue of the OP, AFAIU, are Mac OS X specific bugs with JDK 7. This means that other people are happy, and of course you don't necessarily do things that have to do with those bugs. For instance, NetBeans and IDEA seem to work with no visible issue on Mac OS X. But if you have an application which is impacted, and you solve the problem by staying with JDK 6, you are legitimately worried. This means that JDK 7 can be usable for most people, but the problem is real.

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